Why a good audio system matters.

Human beings are blessed with at least five senses – some may even have more- and of these sight and sound are paramount to us at Simply Digital Multimedia Solutions.

This short article looks at the importance of having a good audio system.

One of the questions we – if you’ll excuse the pun- hear, is why do I need a good sound system?

Our simple answer is that a good audio system enables you to get the most enjoyment out of every component attached to it. Please note that we said a good audio system and not necessarily an expensive one. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective.

An area where we find that an inexpensive audio system delivers huge benefits is when its connected to a flat screen TV. The reason for this is that the thinner TV’s become, the less space there is for speakers. The result here is that you have good picture, but your sound is thinner than the TV.

Our solution is to add a small amplifier and pair of decent speakers to your TV. This is usually easy as most new TV’s have either and digital or analogue outputs that can be connected to an amplifier. With this set up everything you see on screen, be it from DSTV, Showmax or Netflix  is now matched to enhanced audio that makes the whole viewing/watching experience that much better. By using better amplification and speakers every sound you hear, from voices, to sound effects will be far more detailed and easier to listen to than the TV’s built in speakers. Of course this simple solution could be expanded to a full blown Home theatre system that could blow your socks off.

With the likes of Deezer and Tidal, many people are now listening to more stereo music than ever before and in many cases the audio device of choice is a mobile phone. If more than one person wants to listen to the music at a time, these devices suffer from the same problem that TV’s do. There is really no space for decent speakers.

If we supplied it, the chances are that the same amplifier you’re using to get better audio from your TV, has either a Bluetooth connection, a computer connection -via USB- or both. You could now stream all your favourite music from your phone to the amplifier and hear and enjoy all the music, all the time.

Once again we could expand the simple set up into an Audiophile style sound system with the capability of playing every format known to man.

As we stated right up front, the reason for buying a better audio system is to get more enjoyment out of your system. If you enjoy your system, you’ll use it more and this means that you’re getting better value out of it. Isn’t great value something we all want?